Release notes

2.8.1 (03/14/2024)


  • Updated help links in the wizard.
  • Performance optimisation.

2.7.1 (07/30/2023)

  • Added clear all and multi-select option to delete environment variable and parameter value recommendations.

2.6.7 (06/19/2023)

  • Migrate only configuration - This setting lets the user migrate only project configuration and skip the project build (.ispac file) if it already exists in target SSISDB.

2.5.1 (07/12/2022)

  • This version introduces a smart way to migrate environment variables and parameter values. This will be helpful, especially when setting up a new environment based on the existing catalog.
  • Added support for SSIS 2022 (preview).

2.4.0 (05/15/2022)

  • You can download the SSIS Catalog comparison report in CSV format. The report shows Project’s latest deployment date, SSIS package count, project parameter count, and environment variable count comparison.