SSIS Catalog Migration Wizard is a licensed product. If you wish to purchase a license, you can get it from the below link.

You will receive a download link in your email. You can also find the download link at my-accounts.

Once you download the product, unzip the downloaded file. Double-click ‘SSIS Cataloger Installer.exe’ and follow the steps to install the SSIS Catalog Migration Wizard.

Activate license key

You would receive the license key via email. You can also find the license key at my-accounts. Launch SSIS Cataloger Installer.exe and enter the product key on the landing page screen and click on the ‘Activate Product’ button. It should activate the product on the machine.

Deactivate license key (Danger)

If you want to deactivate the product key, you can launch SSIS Cataloger Installer.exe and click the Deactivate Product button. This action is irreversible, and you cannot reactivate the product with the same product key.